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Radxa CM3

Radxa Compute Module 3(Radxa CM3) is an SoM(System on Module) by Radxa based on Rockchip RK3566 SoC in a small form factor at 55mm x 40mm size, integrating CPU/PMU/DRAM/STORAGE/Wireless. Radxa CM3 offers out of box cost-effective solution for multiple purpose applications, accelerates customer's product development.

Block Diagram


Components Overview

No. Description No. Description
SPI Flash disable button RK817-5 PMIC
SPI Flash RTL8211F ethernet phy
eMMC disable button eMMC chip
WiFi/BT module B2B connector 2 (J68)
WiFi/BT antenna B2B connector 3 (J1)
LPDDR4 dram chip B2B connector 1 (J69)
RK3566 SoC



Refer rock3/CM/CM3/pinout page



Carrier Boards from Radxa

Picture Name Info
Radxa e23 top bottom.jpg Radxa E23 Dual Ethernet board
Radxa cm3 io board.jpg Radxa ROCK3 Compute Module IO Board

Carrier Boards from third party

The following carrier boards are tested and compatible with the Radxa CM3 with on-board eMMC.

Currently no eMMC revision cannot boot from microSD on Raspberry Pi CM4 IO and compatibles. We will fix this in a later hardware revision.

Picture Name Info
Cm3 rpicm4 io board.png Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 IO Board website
Cm3 seeed dual gbe.png Seeed Studio Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board website
Cm3 waveshare cm4 io base.jpg Waveshare CM4 IO Base website
Cm3 mcuzone cm4 mini.jpg Mcuzone CM4 Mini website
Cm3 mcuzone cm4 tiny.jpg Mcuzone CM4 Tiny website