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pilight is a free open source full fledge domotica solution that runs on a Raspberry Pi, HummingBoard, BananaPi, Radxa, but also on *BSD and various linuxes (tested on Arch, Ubuntu and Debian). It's open source and freely available for anyone. pilight works with a great deal of devices and is frequency independent. Therefor, it can control devices working at 315Mhz, 433Mhz, 868Mhz etc.

Pilight website: http: // Patch and config file:

Run Pilight on Radxa rock pro:

1 Download Pilight code

   git clone -b development

2 Apply patch

   git apply 0001-Modify-for-radxa-rock-pro.patch

3 Installation Tools

   apt-get install cmake
   apt-get install libunwind8-dev

4 Compiled code


5 Add config file, need to modify configuration file for your device

   cp config.json /etc/pilight/

6 Run Pilight


7 Phone / PC Login Pilight web server for remote control

Pilight web server.png

Next time, we will update how to use the Rock + Pilight control 433 MHz wireless devices.