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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind the radxa project.

Radxa is a startup by Tom Cubie and his friends based in Shenzhen.

Features and Specifications

What is the wifi module chip, can it operate as an Access Point?

The wifi module is RTL8723au. There is not much information on the internet about it yet. You can view the specification of the module here: rtl8723_module_spec It can be operate as an AP. The driver can be found here:
Some radxa rock boards come with a RTL8188ETV. The driver can be found here:

What is the size of the board?

The size is 10x8cm (4"x3.1"), about 1.2cm (0.5") tall.

Are both audio in and out on the 80 pin?

Audio in is on the 80 pin headers, and audio out is on hdmi, spdif, av jack.
There is also an integrated microphone on the PCB

What battery the radxa rock needs for the RTC?

The model of the RTC battery is CR1220, it's 3V.