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Building the rabian image basically contains two tasks, generate the rootfs and build the rock-bsp.


We use live build the generate the Rabian Rootfs. The configuration files for live build can be found at radxa github. Below is how to generate the rootfs.

   mkdir rabian-build
   export BOARD=rock        # or rock_pro/rock_lite/rock2_square 
   sudo apt-get install debootstrap live-build
   sudo apt-get install qemu qemu-static
   sudo apt-get install dctrl-tools mtools parted squashfs-tools
   git clone
   cd radxa-lb
   sudo make $BOARD
   cd ..

You will have the rootfs for your board.

Everything else(Bootloader/kernel)

Rock-bsp is the tools we use to pack u-boot,kernel and rootfs into a NAND or eMMC or SDcard image for radxa boards.

First, get the image name we built with radxa-lb just now.

   export IMAGE=$(basename radxa-lb/rabian_${BOARD}_*.ext4)
   sudo apt-get install build-essential lzop libncurses5-dev libssl-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev
   sudo apt-get install libc6-i386
   git clone
   cd rock-bsp

Use the rootfs we build

   echo "BOARD_ROOTFS=${IMAGE}" >> rock-bsp/configs/${BOARD}_config
   cd rock-bsp
   ./  $BOARD

If everything goes well, we will have the Rabian image for $BOARD.