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== Getting Started==
== Getting Started==
First, checkout the starting guide  of your board.
* [[Rock/Getting_Started |rock pro/lite getting start]]
* [[Rock2/square_bb/start | rock2 square getting start]]
== FAQs==
== FAQ==
== FAQ==

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Rabian is the new Debian based Linux distribution for radxa products. Currently Rabian is based on Debian 8, jessie. Rabian will be the only distribution officially supported by radxa team(we have limited efforts). Currently Rabian supports the following boards:

  • rock full/lite (2013)
  • rock pro/lite (2014)
  • rock2 square
  • rock2 full

The features of Rabian:

  • Fast and lightweight, full function desktop
  • beautiful, clean and modern
  • easy to use, radxa will provide more GUI apps and debian packages to make the device more friendly
  • up to date, besides the updating from officail Debian package repository, radxa also provides up to date debian package server -

Nightly build download:

Getting Started

First, checkout the starting guide of your board.





Rock Pro

Rock Lite

Rock2 Square

Change log


check Rabian/develop for how to build and contribute to Rabian.