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ROCKPI wireless module

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ROCK Pi Wireless Module is a series of wifi/bluetooth module designed for ROCK Pi SBC. To meet the user's various requirement for the wireless module and to save cost and reduce sku, Radxa defined a custom m.2 wireless module called ROCK Pi M2 Wireless Module. The ROCK Pi M2 Wireless Module bases on a modified version of M.2 wireless standard from PCI Express M.2 Specification by PCI-SIG. It has the following features:

  • Support wifi/bt or other wireless protocol in the future
  • Support up to four independent external antenna
  • Support SDIO 3.0/USB 3.0/PCIe type wireless chip
  • Support EEPROM to store module ID and device tree blob


Model Chip WiFi BT Others
ROCK Pi Wireless Module A1 BCM43436B0 2.4G, 36Mbps 4.2
ROCK Pi Wireless Module A2 BCM43456 2.4G&5G, 200Mbps 5.0
ROCK Pi Wireless Module A3 BCM43598 2.4G&5G, >400Mbps 5.0 Support RSDB


Refer ROCKPi Wireless Module Pinout v10.xlsx


ROCKPI Wireless Module 2D.png