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ROCK Pi PoE HAT is a HAT accessories designed for Raspberry Pi and ROCK Pi 4. The PoE HAT allows you to power your Raspberry Pi or ROCK Pi 4 using Power over Ethernet–enabled networks; for this product to be used, the network it is connected to needs to have power-sourcing equipment installed.

It comes with the following features:

  • 802.3at up to 21W(5V/4.2A)
  • PWM control FAN up to 12000RPM
  • Temperature sensor DS18B20
  • Optional 40PIN GPIO pass-through exported
  • Compatible with ROCK Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Raspberry Pi 4
  • Clean design by hiding the fan and the big transformer inside
  • EEPROM for HAT identity and driver probe

Rockpi with poe hat.png

Supplied with this product

  • Mechanical spacers

Other hardware needed

  • A Raspberry Pi 4 Model B or Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ or ROCK Pi 4
  • An Ethernet cable
  • Power-sourcing equipment for a 802.3af Power over Ethernet network


Model Description
F3 Design for Raspberry Pi 3B+/4
F4 Use with ROCK Pi 4

The difference between F3 and F4 is, F3 and F4 uses different GPIO for fan control. F4 use ADC for temperature detection, while F3 uses DS18B20.


Fan Speed Control