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Dual Quad SATA HAT

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Quad sata hat angle.png

ROCK Pi Dual/Quad SATA HAT is an addon HAT designed for Raspberry Pi 4. It utilizes the high speed USB3 buses on Raspberry Pi 4 and providing a complete NAS solution based on Raspberry Pi 4. It has the following features:

  • Up to 4x HDD/SSD, support 2.5inch or 3.5inch SSD
  • Utilize two independent USB3 buses on Raspberry Pi 4
  • Type C power input with USB PD support for both 2.5inch SSD and Raspberry Pi 4(v1.1 hardware)
  • 12V DC power input for 2.5 and 3.5 inch HDD and Raspberry Pi 4(v1.2 hardware)
  • External standard ATX power supply support for 3.5inch HDD
  • Support HDD suspend mode
  • Support software RAID 0/1/5
  • Optional PWM control fan for HDD heat dispatching
  • Optional OLED display for IP/Storage info

Supplied with this product

Dual version

  • Mechanical spacers
  • 2x USB 3.0 connection adapter *1
  • CPU heatsink with fan(DF4 version only)

Quad version

  • Mechanical spacers
  • 4x USB 3.0 connection adapter *1
  • CPU heatsink with fan(DF4 version only)

SATA HAT Top board(Optional)

  • 0.91inch OLED
  • One GPIO button
  • PWM controlled 40x40mm FAN

Sata hat top board.png

Metal Case(Optional)

  • Holds up to four 2.5 inch HDDs/SSDs
  • Supports top board
  • Top acrylic cover for OLED display
  • Support fan for HDD heat dispatching air flow
  • One button for powering off and OLED info switch

Quad sata case coke.jpeg

Other hardware needed

  • Proper power adapter(Check power options below for more info)
  • 2.5inch or 3.5inch HDD/SSD
  • Raspberry Pi 4 or ROCK Pi 4 with OS running
  • optional 7+15P SATA cable(For 3.5inch HDD or extending the length)

Model Number

Since the Raspberry Pi 4 changes the form factor(swapping USB and RJ45), we need different USB connection adapter. The ROCK Pi 4 shares form factor with Raspberry Pi 3/3B+. Below is the different model number:

Model Description
DF4 Dual version for Raspberry Pi 4
QF3 Quad version for ROCK Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 3/3B+
QF4 Quad version for Raspberry Pi 4


Pinout for 40PIN GPIO header

Description Function Pin# Pin# Function Description
1 2 VCC5V0_SYS
7 8
9 10
top board key GPIO4_C2 11 12
GPIO4_C6 13 14
15 16 GPIO4_D2 reset OLED
17 18
19 20
21 22 GPIO_RST1 reset SATA1/2
23 24
25 26 ADC_IN0
SDA 27 28 SCL
29 30
31 32
control tb-fan speed PWM_33 33 34
35 36
reset SATA3/4 GPIO_RST2 37 38
39 40

Pinout for 2x5 PHD 2.0mm connector

Function Pin# Pin# Function
GPIO4_D2 5 6 GPIO4_C2
GND 7 8 PWM_33
GND 9 10 NC

Getting Started

Quad sata hat ports.jpg

Power Options

Power consumptions for typical disks:

Power Consumption
2.5 HDD 3 ~ 5W
2.5 HDD 5 ~10W

Note: the table above is for reference, check your disk label for the exact power consumption. More info can be found here.

Option 1: Powering from Raspberry Pi/ROCK Pi 40P GPIO header

The Raspberry Pi GPIO +5V can provide up to 1.5A power, the typical SSD is 3W power consumption. So you can drive up to two SSDs directly powering from Raspberry Pi with good 5V/5A USB C power adapter.

The ROCK Pi 4 GPIO +5V can provide up to 4A current. You can drive four SSD/HDD directly if your power adapter can provide > 35W power.

Option 2: Powering from USB C or DC Jack on SATA HAT


For V1.1 hardware revision, we use USB C for the power input on SATA HAT with PD/QC support. Same as option 1, you can choose USB PD power adapter > 35W to driver up to four 2.5inch HDDs and Raspberry PI at the same time. 3.5inch HDD powering is not supported from the USB C port.


For V1.2, we changed the power jack on SATA HAT to 12V DC because the 12V power adapter is much cheaper than USB C PD adapter. Also, users want to power 3.5inch HDD with power adapter instead of ATX PSU. The 12V DC jack is 5.5x2.1mm diameter. You need at least 12V/3A to power four 2.5inch HDD and 12V/5A to power four 3.5inch HDD.

Option 3: Powering from ATX PSU

If you plan to put the SATA HAT in a PC enclosure, then you can use the ATX PSU. Mostly ATX PSU can meet the power requirement. You need a ATX Floppy cable to power the SATA HAT and Raspberry Pi.

Software support


Hardware Revision